12 Week inspiration

Photo by FreshPaint/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by FreshPaint/iStock / Getty Images

My second year at MIT GSW gave me another challenge.  How to create long tail engagement and connect individuals past any panel or event?  My dear friend Mr. Brown ran our panel discussion both years.  His passion to create a legacy drove this question.

Thus my 12 week challenge was born.  We are currently at week one, and after much consideration, I wanted to insure my process was captured in alignment with my brand.  As 2BClear is my personal business brand, it only makes sense to capture it here.  Later, after a proper launch is made, we can connect the two.  

In week one we have the following success:

  • Possible names (Mentor Mas @ Mentormas.com) is the first domain reserved
  • 3 advisers engaged
  • 1 development crew reviewed and taking a pass
  • 1 value statement created
  • 1 outline of use cases
  • 1 rough iOS screen layout for first interactions
  • 1 rough flowchart of the business process
  • 15 random confirmations of the business concept

I have further revamped this site to relight the 2BClear fire in coordination this effort.  Clearly starting new concepts, and possibly growing them needs some form of structure to live within.   So, welcome to week 2 of the 12 week challenge.